Please contact us so we can build your personalized support services/care plan package.

Basic “packages” require a 2 hr. minimum.

We are all unique as are our needs, so no two packages will look the same as life situations change nor do they have to remain the same. 

Service Options

Caregiver & Family Member Supportive Services 

For those seeking to remain independent

Supportive Daily Living Services

Chaperone Services

Discrete Client Support On the Go for Family Gatherings and Special Occasions

Reliable respite care

Consulting for homecare preparedness

Transitional support    

Restorative care

Wellness (health & safety) checks (home, LTC, Retirement home, etc.) 

Visiting support (hospital / LTC, retirement home)

Reliable Daily living services for your loved one; Personal Support care, meal planning & prep, etc. 

Offering professional care skills with a mindful, gentle approach giving you peace of mind.

Assistance with personal hygiene

Meal planning and light prep

Laundry & housekeeping 

Small organizing & purging projects

Wellness checks & companionship

Seasonal rotation (clothing, etc.)

Meet & Greet visit – a chance to make a contact in the community so you’re ready and prepared when/if you need assistance.

Offering tips and tricks for how to utilize readily available services in the community.


Ambulation assistance



Companionship / calming breaks

Assistance with dressing

Care after the event, etc.

Chaperone services may also include:

Daytrips (shopping, outings, etc.)

Doctor’s visits

Please ask us how we can work with you to build your own individual options based on your needs.